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You like interactive writing where you never know what the next post might lead to?

You love to create character and creatures?

You are in need for some inspiration?

You want to build completely new worlds?

You have some characters running free in your head who demand attention but you don't know what to do with them?

You always wanted to discover new sides of your established characters?

- Then this is the right place for you!

This is an experiment which grew out of a discussion we (cueeties_janara & minimorr) had concerning online RPGs - and the influence of Baileys on the idea of this project won't be talked about. ;p

As the sub-title says, this community is for co-writing, which means that there is no set plotline and the world itself will be in constant development. All there is given is the absolute basic setting, what you're going to do with it is all up to your imagination.
As long as the setting has something to do with Fantasy (Urban, High), everything's allowed. Want to write horror? You're very welcome to do so. Even some Sci-Fi, as long as it's somehow connected to Fantasy, is fine.
That doesn't mean that you are limited to the typical characters and creatures of that genre, on the contrary. Everything that you can fit into this ground-setting is allowed.

How does this work?

- This is a playground for your characters to interact with those of other writers.
- You have a scene in your head? A setting? The beginning of a plotline? Just post away! It might be just a single sentence or whole scenes. Other people will jump in on the fun and add to your storyline by using comments.
- If your initial post contains more than 300 words, please use lj-cut.
- You see a developed story and one of your characters (or several of them) starts nagging about taking part? Don't hesitate, just let them run free. Add to whatever is already written in comments. In case it bothers you too much to post your piece in several comments, you can always start a new post but please post a link to the original one and quote a few lines, if relevant.
- After 50 comments, please start a new post including the last comment of the former one.
- The amount of characters and creatures you're creating is free. You can write about one single person or build whole nations.
- You can also comment on a post or another comment that was written by you. Maybe you'll feel like adding something or taking on the scene from another angle.
- There is no rule about how active you are supposed to be. Feel free to lurk a little while until you jump in on a storyline or start one. Also, once posted there is no obligation to continue with the plotline. You can always start a new one or don't write anything at all anymore.


As free as the outlines that we're giving, we want to keep the rules:
- First of all: So far you don't have to apply. If you see a plotline that interests you, feel free to join the community and write away. In case you have any questions or feel uncertain about something, there is always no_baileys for all kinds of talking, rambling, introductions, enquiries or anything else.
- We believe that everybody knows the common rules of proper behaviour.
- Please use third point of view.
- This is a place for straight and gay characters alike.
- Parodies are certainly welcomed as well. Nothing is as good as a fine laugh.
- Since this is a playground for world and character creating, we are definitely encouraging original characters. That doesn't mean that "fanfiction writing" is forbidden, as long as the creature you're borrowing fits into the setting.
- In case something with very explicit content is written, please cut it with a warning (if it is a new post) or put the warning in bold as the first sentence of your comment.
- There is a poor little girl called "Mary Sue" who is not very liked by most readers and fellow writers. We aren't too fond of her either and rather have her not strolling around here. - But again, if you do want to write a MS character, it isn't strictly forbidden. Just be aware that the MS hunting season is open the whole year so other characters might have fun with getting rid of the little Miss Perfect.
- Please put the rating and the wish for a genre in the subject-line: [Fantasy/Adventure/PG] (thanks to crowmoor for this suggestion).
- Plotlines can take several different directions, some might be PG, some might be R or NC-17, and to avoid confusion, please bold the first sentence in your comment if the rating changes from the original post (or the previous comment).
- We can't control who reads this and we don't want to turn anyone away, so it's your own responsibility what you're reading. But, we don't recommend people under 17 (or the age of consent in your respective country) to read those posts marked with NC-17. If you do, you're mature enough for it and aware of this rule.
- No character stealing! Don't use the characters and creatures of the others, except they gave their consent and confirmed this in no_baileys or they've put Character free for use at the end of their post/comment.

Otherwise.. The only limit is your imagination. :)

And no, you don't have to like Baileys. ;)