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He Shouldn't Have Been Alive >>Fantasy/Romance(?)<< M+ 
25th-Nov-2006 08:14 pm
Soi Fon!Sad Blood Splatter
The world was not all cleansed as one might think, days passing and the wind traveling so far. Over fields and forests it blew, carrying away impurities in the air, taking it away until it found something to settle against. Dust drifted along and feathers came in and out, the wind like currents in an ocean, it finally died when it reached a large mountain range far North of Griila. Almost completely across the border of the country, Jovén groaned from a tree where he had materialized. His body hung over a branch, glossy black hair in his face and matching wings displaced. The left was stretched out almost straight, the right disfigured and bent. He was in a lot of pain, but considering he was alive; pain was all he would feel for a good time.

Slowly he climbed down out of the tree and sat on a large rock, fingers slowly kneading the bones of the wing back into it’s correct place. Finally, it snapped. With a crack or two it fell into place and Jovén let out a moan and leaned forward feeling dizzy. Something was definitely wrong, he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t have been alive.


Joven is my own personal character, if you are part of NaNoWriMo you might by the end know him. Though, he's a sub-character that in all technicality had died. The post above I've yet to decide if I should use or not, I just wrote it as a little scrap during a writing flow that I rather liked. I thought it would be nice to put up here and see what happened with it. Sort of like those "other side stories" done in the sub-character or villains point of view. Joven was a villain, cousin to my main character and Angel. If this takes off you'll see he is far from the religious sort of Angel, so please don't get angry with me. Oh, P.S. his name is pronounced Hoe-Vein. Spanish J sounding like H and all.

As for Griila, that is also in my story and is the most important setting in the tale (even if they're only there for three chapters). It's the capital of the country in the novel; city, big, pretty, clean... the usual palace place. Hopefully this won't go back to Griila and will head elsewhere.

Joven, Griila, concept of 'Angels' and anything written by myself is mine unless I otherwise state.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope this turns out well!

1st-Dec-2006 09:41 pm (UTC)
"Tadi, don't go too far!" A clear but soft voice called out, and a young girl stepped out of the bushes, holding a basket full of mushrooms. A little further away a small boy appeared as well, skipping over rocks and heavy roots of the trees.

"Stop being such a bossy-boots!" The little boy laughed at the girl, who frowned and bend to pick yet another ripe, golden brown mushroom up. "Mommy told me to watch over you, and that's what I'm doing... so please, bear with me." The expression on her heart-shaped face softened as she stood up, looking at the playful boy with a gentle glint in her deep green eyes.

She was plainly dressed; just a simple brown cotton dress with a matching apron, soft leather boots, and a white scarf carefully folded around her head, hiding the color and quality of her hair. She couldn't have been older than 18 years, and the little boy accompanying her was well over ten years younger than she.

Hope this is okay, and fits your wolrd...? ^_^
3rd-Dec-2006 04:13 am (UTC)
Joven looked up from his rock not too far West of where the siblings were romping. With one black brow raised in a smooth and slender arch over his right eye, he crept forward on fingertips and bared toes over the rock. It was more like a ledge, he noted as he kept creeping on and on. It was a very large piece of granite, but only took a moment to span.

Stormy gray eyes peeked over the edge, both brows raised as if it would help him see better, it didn't. Is that a girl and boy? he questioned to himself, slowly dropping from the rock and using his wings to make a silence glide to the ground. Upon landing he made not a sound and so further moved onward until he was up so close only three rather fat trees were between them.

Now was the tricky part, he could not fly for he'd be seen. He could not easily get to the next tree, as they might not catch him. And he could not just jump out, as they would never help him regain himself. How long had passed, he wondered. Had days gone by since he'd been killed, or perhaps months... years? With hope he slunk around the tree slowly, two trees left... one... Hiding where he was, close to the ground and behind a root or two, he watched warily. They looked nice, but for all he knew they could be shape shifters, or dirty rotten banshee's that like to fake it all.
6th-Dec-2006 11:28 am (UTC)
"Can I go and swim in the stream?" Tadi pranced around his sister and managed to look both endearing and annoyed. "I don't wanna pick anymore mushrooms, I don't even like 'em!" He added gallantly and ruffled his auburn curls until they were messy and surrounded his head like a halo.

"Fine, go ahead... But don't drown yourself, or I'll be in trouble." The girl smiled and rubbed her lower back lightly, aching from the arduous work she'd been doing since dawn. "I guess I could take a break as well..." She finally sighed, both of their voices clearly audible to their unknown spy. "I'll just sit over there, come back when you have frolicked enough so we can go home." The girl waited until Tadi had nodded, then disappeared behind leafy branches. Soon there was a sound of water splashing and a couple of elated hoots from the boy, and the girl turned towards the trees, walking slowly with her heavy basket.

The shadows of the trees looked inviting in the warm sunlight of the afternoon. The girl lifted her gaze from the lush grass, enjoying the sight of the tall mountains in north, and the clear blue sky above them.
7th-Dec-2006 05:36 pm (UTC)
Joven watched, stepping backward in a hurry and tripped. With a thud he panicked and sent his wings off with a grunt so she wouldn't know what he was. His long black hair shortened to shoulder length, ears no longer extended and pointed but normal, and he was suddenly about six feet tall versus eight. Looking up he saw a female come into view, it caused him to grimace. Why did he have to be caught now, he didn't even know what was happening to him and already someone had spotted him! Creating a fist he punched and ground and scurried to get up, maybe he would be able to manage a get away before she said something...
8th-Dec-2006 05:35 pm (UTC)
The girl took a hesitant step back, but didn't run away or scream - perhaps she was accustomed to seeing strange men in these parts of the woods? Obviously she had never come to any harm by them, as she smiled a little, lifting her eyebrows questioningly.

"Hello..." Her voice was as clear as before, but now it held a little uncertain tone. "I didn't know we had company." Her eyes went up and down Joven's body, until she blushed sweetly and turned her gaze away. "I'm sorry if we disturbed you, sir." She spoke of her brother like he had been there, even though the little man was happily swimming in the narrow river, much further away.

The chance of the girl being a banshee or a shape-shifter were slim to none - the golden afternoon sun enveloped her frail body and she hastily curtsied in front of him, as if she had forgotten her manners.
8th-Dec-2006 09:05 pm (UTC)
"Oh please," Joven got up quickly and dusted himself off before bowing to her in the usual upper class to peasant, then went lower not wanting to give away his old status. "Don't be kind with me. Manners are nothing at my point in life." He smiled sweetly back at her, his sharp eye picking up her blush. His pants were still dirty, and his chest was caked in blood from his busted wing earlier. Standing back up he pushed some of the black strands from his eyes and behind his ears.

"You're too kind, m'lady. But please pardon my appearance. I've seemed to just drop in, as it were. My name is Ramon Joven, my friends call me Joven." He grinned charmingly as he knelt before her on one knee.
10th-Dec-2006 10:35 am (UTC)
"Oh, but sir!" The girls eyes widened as she finally noticed the blood. "You're hurt!" Her voice quivered slightly and she raised her hand instinctively, as if ready to tend to the man's wounds. She placed her basket to the ground and took a step closer, meeting Joven's eyes for the first time.

"I'm Daisy, Daisy Oakley. I live here.. Well, not here." She blushed again, her deep green eyes flashing with embarrassment. "Beyond the forest, on a small farm." She didn't quite know why she was telling all of this to a stranger, even though he seemed perfectly amiable. "Please, sir... Joven - do you need a healer?" Her tiny hands were now fidgeting with her white apron, not sure whether to grab the man and tend to his wounds personally, or to take his arm and lead him down to the village.
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