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Something scary... [SilentHill/ResidentEvilish-survival horror / PG13 -->R?] 
30th-Oct-2006 04:20 pm
illy runs


Nathan woke up screaming, his dark hair plastered to his sweaty forehead in glistening tendrils. He covered his mouth instinctively as his eyes darted around the dim, unfamiliar surroundings. Despite his terror, everything seemed to be as it had been when he had fallen asleep on the rickety bed, covered only by a set of damp, grayish sheets.

 A very shaky hand found the lamp's switch, and bleak yellow light appeared, soothing Nathan’s weary mind. His nightmare was already fading to the background and the muffled sounds of the passing traffic comforted him. There had been blood, so much blood... It was the only thing he remembered. Nathan shook his head and glanced at the clock radio, its red numbers announcing that it was seven past six in the morning. He might as well get up and move on.


Nathan is mine, no other restrictions...

Give it a go, why don't ya? ^_^
For the sake of Halloween!

31st-Oct-2006 06:23 am (UTC)
I hope that's about how you planned this to go... I thought about taking a monster-character, but that wouldn't be scary anymore. *g* If you had planned something different, delete this and let me know what the plan is, please!
On the other side of town:
Keisha woke up early. Her little brother was having one of his violent coughing fits again. Her battered old alarm-clock said its was 4 am. Since she would have to get up half an hour later, anyway, Keisha figured she might as well do it now, while she was already wide awake. Her pyjamas clung uncomfortably to her back. She had a vague reminescence of having had a nightmare, some shadows of it still lingering on the edges of her vision. No, going back to sleep would not be such a good idea.
Careful not to disturb anyone, she made her way into the bathroom in the dark; due to long years of practice, the floorboards under the cheap, worn out linoleum hardly creaked. Her uniform, that hung from the clothes-line over the bathtub, was still a little damp. She put it on anyway, and added the torch and the holster with her Smith&Wesson. Tony would be glad she was early, she thought. He could use every little bit of sleep before he started his daytime job. Keisha didn't envy him. The watch-job at the warehouse was toughest at night and she was even groggy when she came home after the day shift and couldn't imagine doing more than helping her mother, who, like her father, also had two jobs, with some of the housework. Well, long working hours were the drawbacks of having a family to feed.
With the tooth-brush in her mouth, she caught a glimpse in the mirror. Black smudges darkened the brown skin under her eyes. She wondered what she had dreamt, that it had made her sleep so unrestful. She remembered blood. Lots of it. She shook her head. Don't think of it! she told herself.
31st-Oct-2006 04:27 pm (UTC)
(( Purrfect! ^^ Feel free to mold the environment as well, I was going for a shitty small town in a middle of nowhere... *grin* We'll see what we can make of this. ^_~ Oh, and others are very welcome to hop in anytime! ))


Earlier that night

Joseph Grant, an elderly farmer had just finished locking away his cattle, and as he walked towards his humble little house, he sniffed the wind. There was something strange in it, he had noticed his animals acting odd all day - they had been skittish, carefully avoiding the edge of the forest that separated old Grant's farm from the village. That wasn't something they usually did, Joseph mused to himself as he stepped on the porch and frowning to the sick, sweet smell that suddenly invaded his nostrils.

His eyes searched for the culprit of the disgusting scent - maybe a dead raccoon or cat - but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps the poor animal had crawled under the porch and died there? The old man scratched his head, bending his back and trying to peek between the floor boards to the small space below them, but the darkness was too thick to be penetrated by just the dim lights above the front door. "Ah, never mind then!" Joseph grunted and straightened his back with a sigh of effort - his bones were aching, a sure sign of the approaching winter. "I'll see to it tomorrow, if that reek still bothers me..." He pushed the door open, stepping into his warm and cozy home.


The smell wasn't going away. Joseph had put on his pajamas and was preparing a shot of whiskey in the kitchen, when the overpowering scent of decay found his nose again. "Well I'll be damned!" The man exclaimed, turning around and startled by a sudden sound of breaking glass. Where had that noise come from? His hand shook a little, even though he was pretty sure it was just another one of those raccoons - the pesky critters had a habit of crawling inside once the weather started cooling down. Surely they had never broken windows before, but what else could it be? Joseph took a big, steadying breath and placed his drink on the counter, before tip-toeing towards the closet, where he kept his trusty rifle. It wasn't actually loaded, and he didn't even own shots for it anymore, but perhaps it would serve as a confidence booster in case he'd need one.

Sweet, pungent aroma drifted around the house, growing clearly stronger when Joseph approached his late wife's bedroom - a room he hadn't entered since Mary had passed away thirteen years ago. The old man didn't know what to think. Somehow he realized that something was wrong, very much so, but his down-to-earth mind kept telling him that it was just a dead raccoon. A dead raccoon, who broke windows? Joseph gripped his gun more tightly and laid his hand on the door knob, and a soft sound from the room made his neck hair stand up. A giggle? Was someone there?

31st-Oct-2006 04:29 pm (UTC) - (( continues... ))
His heart was beating fast, and his hands were shaking a lot more than a few moments ago. Another sound, like someone walking across the room slowly, with uncertain steps. Joseph gritted his teeth - if someone had broken into his house, he certainly wasn't going to welcome them in and offer a nice cup of tea! With a burst of adrenaline, he turned the knob, pushing the door open and releasing a gust of bowel wrenching smell into the corridor. His stomach turned, bile rising to his mouth, but he fought the vomiting reflex away and lifted the gun, steadying it against his shoulder. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness that held the room in its grasp, but when they did - he suddenly wished he hadn't opened the door. Blood, blood everywhere... Sick, black, putrid blood, oozing down the walls and pooling on the floor...

And in the middle of the floor, a hunched figure that sure wasn't a raccoon - or any other kind of animal for that matter. When it noticed him standing in the doorway, it suddenly moved - jerking into life, its deformed limbs flailing towards him. Joseph screamed, a high-pitched wail that stopped as suddenly as it had begun when the creature charged forward, knocking him down.


The cows huddled closer one another, startled by the pitiful screams echoing in the still night. There was no answer, and slowly their master's voice died away, leaving the night still and quiet, as it had been before.
1st-Nov-2006 01:10 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, you'll get your small town... Only, not yet. Back to the ghetto. *g*
The subway train stank of urine and the windows were half-blind with graffiti. At least it wasn't that crowded this time of day. Keisha watched the walls slide by and tried to think of something pleasant.
It was not even 5 am when she arrived at the warehouse. The sterile-looking buildings, surrounded with high wire-fences and highlighted by ugly white neon-tubes, greeted her with indifference, as always. She unlocked the gate and wondered why Tony hadn't shown up yet, he should have seen her on the surveillance cameras long ago.
The little watchhouse was straight ahead, but she couldn't see any light in the window, only the weak blue glow of the computer screens.
Keisha took her gun firmly in both hands, pointing to the floor -for now. Keeping an eye out for people hiding on the rooftops or behind corners, she edged towards the watchhouse. The shelterless open beton-yard of the warehouse grounds wasn't suitable for this kind of operation. There were no shadows to move in, and the neon light was blinding, yet didn't reach upwards, where practically anything might hide. She felt like she was caught in one of the violent computer games her brothers so liked. She didn't like them herself. She had been in the army for two and a half years and had learnt to hate this kind of scenario. She would have loved nothing better than a bit of peace and quiet in her life.
She made it to the watchroom and and entered carefully. There was nothing in it, just screens over screens of computers, showing deep-frozen rows of cows' and pigs' carcasses. Tinted in pale-blue they looked unappetizing and rather dead.
Keisha watched the screens intently, but nothing moved -which also meant there was no hint of Tony anywhere. The dissolving adrenaline left her sick and a little shaky. But what was that? Something dark on one of he screens. She zoomed closer. Was that a pool of blood? It couldn't be! The animals came here butchered and deep-frozen. There was no way they could still bleed. Her adrenaline high returned full-force.
Keisha braced herself to go and see for herself. She was almost out the door when she remembered that she should better call her boss and report that there were problems. She dialed the number and waited, but only an answering-machine was on the other end of the line. She left a message and barely managed not to curse out loud before she had put the phone down.
She couldn't wait. If Tony was there in one of the storage-halls, he was very probably dead from the cold, but she wanted to see that for herself. However small the chance, she didn't want to live with the uncertainty afterwards.

The warehouse was lit in the same pale neon light, making the dead animals look a sickly pink. She looked around carefully. There was too much in her way, so many places to hide... Well, the doors were heavy and loud. If someone was here, they must have heard her come in.
She slowly approaches the place where the dark spot on the screen had been...
3rd-Nov-2006 04:07 pm (UTC)
Nathan grimaced at the cold water spurting from the tap, but stayed still, wanting to remove the last remains of the dream together with the sweat that still lingered on his skin. He washed himself as quickly as he could, before reaching for a shabby towel, which hung on the wall.

As he wiped his water droplets off his face, he suddenly noticed something on the wall that hadn't been there a moment ago - a clear, bloody hand print. Nathan almost slipped as he jumped away from under the shower, his eyes fixed on the print. It was smaller than his own hand, maybe woman's or a child's? He didn't know, and really - it didn't matter. He had to get out of here and fast.

Nathan sprinted back to the bedroom, tossing the towel on the floor and fumbling his clothes and sneakers on. He threw his wallet and cellphone into his back bag, running his thin fingers through his messy, still wet hair and tried to remember if he had forgot anything. Keys, where were they? Nathan's blue eyes widened when he suddenly witnessed another hand print forming on the wall, next to the bathroom's door - fuck the keys!

He turned on his heels and picked up the bag, running out of the room and all the way to the motel's reception area. The lights were on, but the air seemed oddly misty, and the man who had let him in last night was nowhere to be seen. Nathan felt his heart beat fast against his ribs, there was no sense in this all... None at all. He threw a couple of crumbled bills on the counter and half-ran towards the parking lot he could see through the dirty windows. Was he really losing his mind?! The remains of the dream haunted him as he approached his battered Jeep, and he tried to reason with himself - hallucinations weren't that uncommon if you were deprived of sleep... But somehow he couldn't assure himself that the blood hadn't really been there. It had seemed so real... So red.
9th-Nov-2006 03:08 pm (UTC)
Sorry it took me so long, but I'm rather busy lately and my internet is not always working properly. I hope you've not given me up! Future updates will come faster. Back to the scariness!
Keisha approached carefully. The little pool indeed looked like blood, mirroring the neon-light faintly. It smelt like blood as well. /Dear god, don't let it be Tony's!/ she thought. But she smelled something else entirely as well. Something that seemed very at odds with the clean, sanitary smells of frozen meat. Something that reminded her vividly of the smell of days-old corpses, decaying in hot desert sun. And this something was getting stronger, giving her the urgent need to throw up, very suddenly. Hastily she tore her eyes from the bloodstain. /Dont be stupid!/ she scolded herself. /Tony was fine, yesterday. Even if he was dead it couldn't smell that awful in here, yet -not in these temperatures./
She turned just in time to dodge the swing that would have hit her head otherwise. Seeing her attacker, she jumped back, bouncing into a carcass. Her heart raced. /The door! Out of here!!!/ Her instincts screamed at her to flee, but she didn't move. She did not dare to turn her back on this Thing. This thing with the bleeding, skinless limbs and outsticking bones. This thing that hunched on the floor, like a big, ugly cat, ready to pounce as soon as she would move, its eyes malevolent and gleaming with a monstrous red light.
This thing that had been Tony Luciano.
Keisha kept her eyes locked with the beast's, for she felt the inexplicable certainty that it would attack her only if she did not. Centimeter by centimeter -never ceasing to stare the thing down, not even blinking- she moved her hand with the gun, that rested at her hip, until it pointed at the beast. It was hard to hit a target this way, but she knew she could. /I mustn't let my hands tremble./ Her finger curled around the trigger. /I mustn't break eye-contact./ She fired.

Once. The thing shook with the impact and stumbled backwards.

Twice. Bits and pieces of half-rotten flesh and shreds of torn uniform exploded in every direction. The thing still stood, it's mouth opened, sharp fangs bared in a soundless growl. She adjusted her aim.

Thrice. She had shot from eye-level this time. The bullet hit home and shattered the hairless skull, sending brain mass splattering all over the floor.

Keisha turned and ran, without a look back. Only when the heavy steel door slid tightly shut with a metallic screach and she stood outside in the comparative warmth of the early-morning air, did she start sobbing.
13th-Nov-2006 03:32 pm (UTC) - (( Gah, been SO busy with other things - but have not forsaken this!!! ^_^ ))
(( So... on with it! :D I'm enjoying writing this very much. ))


The sound of Nathan's footsteps echoed loudly in the misty air, it was like all other voices in the world had died away - not a very comforting thing to notice. He grabbed his keys and opened the lock, climbing aboard with a certain feeling of relief. The car's inside smelled like a weird combination of old tobacco and air freshener, but to him it was almost like home.

The key turned in the ignition easily and Nathan hadn't realized he had held his breath until he heard the motor purr into life, and let out a long sigh. He wanted nothing more than to get out of this motel, this pathetic little excuse of a town they called Red Creek. Well, there was more than enough red in his life at the moment, thank you very much!

He stepped on the gas pedal and accelerated out of the parking lot, on to the road that he knew lead through the town and then towards civilization. The fog seemed to get denser with every passing minute, and soon Nathan had to slow his driving into a crawl - he'd probably be faster on foot. Daylight didn't yet pierce the thick clouds, and the dim surroundings weren't exactly making him feel cheery. Thinking for a while, he finally decided that the chances of him running into another car were minimal, and he picked up the pace again.

Nathan drove for several minutes, simultaneously trying to find a working station - it was all static, and somehow that made the mist even more creepy. Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and he almost lost control of his vehicle - the left tire had popped, and his trusty Jeep was spinning out of control... Before he even realized it, the darkness descended as his forehead collided with the steering wheel, and the car's jumpy motion came to a halt.
17th-Nov-2006 07:08 pm (UTC)
Sorry, took me a while again! I'm a lazy git. *hides under sofa*
This is going to be a long story, it seems, but I hope we'll not abandon it!

/What have I done? Oh my god, what have I done?/ Keisha forced herself to calm down. She had no time for guilt. The danger was not yet over. Her rational took the lead once more. Whatever had happened to Tony, was most likely some sort of disease. She had never heard of something quite that vicious, but there was a good chance it might be contagious. It was to late for Tony, but she needed a hospital.
There was nagging little voice in her head, telling her that no disease could ever turn a human being into a murderous monster with no skin and demon eyes, but she shoved it aside. /There are no Zombies and such,/ she thought. /That's all in Georgie's cheap movies and auntie Clara's stories about vodoo and black magic./ The thought of her family made this all suddenly seem very unreal. Tonight she would sit at dinner with them all, watch 'Al Bundy' and listen to her siblings' chatter about school. And tomorrow she would go to work and nothing of this would have been real.
She felt the tears dry on her cheeks. She was wasting time! Hastily she ran back to the watchhouse and keyed contamination alert for storehouse 5 into the main computer. The entire hall, down to the ventilation, would be locked and sealed air-tight.
After that, she tried to call her boss again. After the fiftieth time, she gave it up. She wasn't sure what to do. She felt the need to go to hospital and let herself be assured that, yes, there was a disease like that, but no, it wasn't contagious and she would not get it. Unfortunately, she couldn't just leave her work without replacment. Her colleague Alec wouldn't come before 4 pm, and since she couldn't reach her boss, she couldn't ask what to do. If she simply left, she would certainly get fired. Moreover, she didn't exactly have any money to spare and hospital stays were awfully expensive.
There was also still the unsolved mystery of how Tony could have cought this disease -if it was one. /Of course it is!/
And why had he been in the storehouse instead of here, on his watch post?
Keisha shook her head. There was no answer to all her questions. She forced the focus away from the chaos in her head and back on her duty. The last thing she needed right now, were some kids climbing over the fences to skate on the premise or spray graffity. She avoided looking at the screen that showed the sealed hall until she had checked that the other surveillance cameras recorded nothing of interest. In the end, she had to.
Keisha braced herself for the shock of seeing the shattered corpse of her collegue and the barely-held-at-bay waves of guilt that would wash over her. /There must have been something I could have done! I shouldn't have shot him!/ But somewhere deep inside, the memory of those evil red eyes was still there. It hadn't been Tony, she had shot. It had been a /thing/, not even remotely human any more.
It was hard, to look at the screen, but she did.
The thing was gone.
20th-Nov-2006 01:13 pm (UTC)
(( Don't worry, I'm also lazy & busy with other stuff every now and then... As long as we're having fun with this it's worth continuing. ^_^ ))


He lay there for who knows how long, his head propped against the steering wheel, a narrow trickle of blood running down his temple. When he slowly regained his consciousness, a dull pain was humming inside his head and his mouth felt dry. Blinking, Nathan slowly sat up, trying to remember what had happened. A flat tire? It must have been. He sighed, wiping the already coagulated blood away and releasing his seat belt. With no spare in the trunk, he had little choice but to get out and find the gas station by foot.

The mist felt even denser when he slowly descended from his vehicle, a cold chill grabbing his lanky frame with violent force. He reached for his bag, pulled on a woolly jumper and went to survey the damage. It was bad, worse than he'd expected - the whole rim of the wheel was bent in an awkward shape. He must have hit something hard. Feeling very uneasy and vulnerable, Nathan threw his back bag on his shoulder and searched the car for any valuables he didn't want to leave behind... Not like anyone would even see his car in this fog, but somehow he felt like someone might find it. Someone, or something. He shuddered, trying to think rationally. He was nauseated with lack of sleep, it was no big deal to see hallucinations... Or smell them.

Finding a small flashlight and some chocolate bars in the glove compartment, he was ready to venture on. Nathan vaguely remembered seeing a gas station somewhere along the road, when he had driven through the town. He hoped it was still there, no matter how absurd the thought sounded in his head.
25th-Nov-2006 10:36 pm (UTC) - Hope ya'll don't mind if I jump in!
God she was tired. So tired it was hard to even imagine not being tired. Ugh... Just a few more hours until she reached home. Her mom would be sitting there in the living room reading a book, or passed out on the couch depending on the time she arrived at destination B. Time always seemed so much longer when A and B were separated by long curvy roads and twisting paths. Trees glared at her like bears, their branches vicious teeth and the fog like foam around it's wild mouth.

The headlights on her car were glaring in the thick white, the yellow like a knife but dull and already used. Old. Overwhelming her and her little two door car she had to slow suddenly. It was thicker than thick now, her she could hardly keep track of the road; even if she did know it from all the years of travel. Something just felt wrong, so wrong, and she couldn't place it. Golden brown eyes looked around, she leaning forward against the steering wheel as if she hoped to see something above her. Nothing but gray mist and dense air.

"Strange." the muttered, leaning back in her seat and sighing. Why had she even left so late anyhow? Thinking on it, it was almost a blur in the back of her mind. Then she remembered. Him. The boyfriend. It was always his fault, he normally was the reason for delay; be it from a fight or out of pleasure, he did something every time. There was nothing like failure to her mother, and he was a failure. Last night had been the last night she'd said anything, then left to go stay with her mom. Back home she'd be with old friends and family, meet new people as she went to college for the second time to get her Masters. Ah... The thought put her mind at ease-

"Is that a car?"

Almost put her mind at ease. She slowed even more until she was barely going twenty. Someone had left their truck on the side of the road, how odd. Glancing back at it as she kept going, then turned right in her seat and watched the road. Well, if there was an abandoned car that meant there was someone on the road. She hadn't seen anyone back there, so perhaps they were up here? The headlights continued to glare in the dark gray atmosphere outside the car, her radio starting to fizzle out and soon silence falling over the vehicle.

26th-Nov-2006 02:39 pm (UTC) - (( Yay, welcome aboard! ^^ ))
Deciding that it was probably safest to stay off the road, Nathan continued his journey on foot.

The limp, brownish grass squished wetly below his sneakers, the dampness seeping in slowly but surely. He was feeling strangely out of place in this mist filled world, where sounds were muffled until they were barely audible.
"Hello?" He tried calling out, but the faintness of his own voice only scared him more. He wanted nothing more than to get out of here, for the damn fog to clear out, and hear the familiar sounds of the nature that were supposed to surround him... But instead there was nothing, only whiteness and the quiet gloom of the afternoon.

Nathan tried flicking on his flashlight, but it was no good. The mist swirled around him and he hurried his steps, rising from the bottom of the ditch back on to the side of the road. The gas station couldn't be that far away, but he had never been that good with estimating distances. Nathan suddenly realized he was hearing something, and spun around quickly, only to see car's lights shine through the thick veil of mist. He turned his flashlight on again, trying to get the driver's attention when a soft whispering distracted him from the car.

A quiet echo of someone walking on the pavement should have been a comforting sound, but it made the hair on the back of his neck rise up instead. There was someone else in the fog with him, in addition to the closing vehicle.
26th-Nov-2006 03:24 pm (UTC)
It was hard to see a flashlight shine back at you when in front of the headlights, but there was definitely something there. The car slowed more and finally came to a stop some feet just behind Nathan. Leaving her small little two-door running while in park, the driver opened the door.

"Hey! Hey, are you alright?" she called over the fog, the distance eerie but she certainly could be heard. Getting out of the car completely she walked around in front of it and headed over toward Nathan, unaware of the problem at hand. Reaching out for Nathan she tapped his shoulder to call his attention to her. Golden eyes looking at him through the fog, she sighed, glad he wasn't bleeding from every orphis on his body.

Curls of chocolate colored hair coiled into her face, she pushed them back and used a clip to hold them away. Her eyes never left Nathan, not until another whisper resounded. With a small chuckle she turned to him, hitting him gently on the shoulder.

"You're playing with me dude. You want a ride or what?" she asked. Her hands on her hips in small fists as she stood there. A dusty pink sweater zipped up half way to reveal a white shirt underneath, blue flare jeans clung to her wide hips. This girl was generally easy to get along with, being nice and fun. Anyone could talk to her in a comfortable manner, even if they'd never met.
27th-Nov-2006 09:13 pm (UTC)
Hi! Nice to see someone has joined! The more, the merrier!
Keisha stared at the ceiling. It was discoloured with moisture and mould. Pale morning light flooded the room. The only sound was her Georgie's awful cough from next room. Her parents were out working. Keisha was never in bed that time of day, not even on weekends. It felt all but restful.
She should have known they would suspend her from work. "You are just a bit disturbed Miss Brown," the doctor had said, in that disgustingly patronising way doctors have, "probably overworked. Stay at home for a week and rest properly."
She should have known better than to call the police. With the monster's corpse vanished into thin air, she had no proof. There had not been a single bloodstain and all the search throughout the building had found nothing. If it hadn't been for the missing bullets in her gun, she would have thought it a vivid nightmare, as they all told her it were. All soothing voices, treating her like a madwoman. Only her boss hadn't: he had been in an awful state of blind rage, which had almost been a relief in comparison.
No one had believed a word she had said. It proved true once again: nothing good has ever come out of calling the cops.
And now she was home and unemployed and unable to rest, because every time she closed her eyes, nightmares surfaced instantly. Monstrous faces mocking and taunting her and sharp teeth tearing her to pieces while she screamed.
One thought wouldn't leave her alone: The Thing was still out there. And she was damned if she believed it was the only one...
29th-Nov-2006 12:39 pm (UTC) - (( Sorry it took me so long to reply... ^^ ))
Nathan jumped at the touch, turning around so fast it was obvious he was a little more than just startled. Through the fog he could barely make out the girl's appearance, and after he was sure she wasn't one of those hallucinations, he sighed deeply, relieved.

"Hi... You scared me." He managed to smile, even though the expression didn't reach his pale blue eyes that were eying his savior from beneath an overlong, honey blond fringe. "But I'm okay." Nathan continued, his gaze leaving the girl and running along the road up ahead. "Just a little jumpy. This mist is making me crazy..." It was hard to tell how old he was, with his worn, baggy jeans and a black t-shirt, and a days or two's stubble on his chin. Anything between 20 to 30 years might have been possible. He was carrying a back bag and a woolly sweater with him.

"But yeah, I could use the ride. I'm heading to the gas station near here, I had a flat tire." He explained - the car the girl had seen had obviously been his. "The name's Nathan. What's yours?" This time his smile was a bit more genuine, and deep dimples appeared on both of his cheeks.
30th-Nov-2006 03:22 am (UTC)
The smiled back at him and led him off to her car, glancing over her shoulder as she mulled over his words. The fog swirled around their feet and bodies, thick and hungry. Once in the car she looked at him while buckling up.

"I'm Morgan." she said with a grin over to Nathan as she waited for him to get situated. The car was warm, much more so than outside in the fog, and you could actually see. The light, still dimming from the opening of the doors, lit up the two easily.

"So you popped your tire? That sucks, man. Good thing the station is only right up the road."
1st-Dec-2006 09:30 pm (UTC)
Nathan didn't waste any time following the girl to the car, and getting in - anything to get him out of the mist. He fastened his seat belt only after noticing her look, and tried to find a comfortable position on the seat.

"This weather... I've never seen anything like it before." Nathan whispered quietly, almost as to himself, and gazed out of the windshield at the swirling grey mass outside. Suddenly coming out of his reverie he nodded, continuing: "And yeah, sorry... I did bust a tire. About an..." He lifted his wrist to check the time from his watch, but furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head lightly. "Mine has stopped at six am... What time does yours show?" He couldn't quite estimate how long he had wondered in the fog, but longer than half an hour for sure. How far it was to the gas station, he didn't know.

Nathan was confused, and it showed. Now that his left temple was towards Morgan, the girl could clearly see the dried blood smudged on the man's hair line. Had he been hurt in the crash?
3rd-Dec-2006 04:04 am (UTC)
Morgan reached forward and touched a small rectangular button which glowed with the rest of it's brethren on the stereo system. Glancing to it she read the bright teal digital numbers aloud.

"I got quarter of eleven," she stated even though the clock only said quarter of ten. "It's an hour set back. I hate changing them in the seasons, so I just keep on it." She took a look over at Nathan, her eyes just hardly picking up on the blood but she caught it none the less.

"You alright dude?"
6th-Dec-2006 11:36 am (UTC)
Nathan seemed to think for a while before nodding slowly. "Yeah, better now. Hit my head, but it's okay." He touched his forehead gently and got some blood on his fingers. Grimacing, he wiped the red goo on his jeans and pushed some loose strands of hair away from his face.

"Good to know the world hasn't stopped turning... I was kind of getting suspicious out there." He managed another smile, pulling his back bag more snugly between his legs. The fog twirled and danced around the car, pressing its hungry tendrils against the windows. "I think I was out there for a couple of hours..."

The hallucinations, the voices - all had disappeared to the background now that he had company, and wasn't alone with his imagination anymore. For that it had been - only imagination, Nathan thought determinately, but didn't say anything aloud.
7th-Dec-2006 05:41 pm (UTC)
"A couple'a hours! Are you crazy man? In this fog it would send anyway insane, dude you're one lucky SOB." Morgan said with a grin as they drove along, going roughly forty by now. However, Morgan wouldn't drive faster than forty-forty five in a fog like this no matter how well she knew the roads. It was just plain stupid to fly down a road in the dark.

The radio muttered some new-age pop song, Morgan's head bopped just slightly to the beat that she hardly knew. Her eyes did flick from the road over to Nathan now and then, checking to make sure he didn't go into massive bleeding or spasms. Finally the blood was just starting to get to her, the metallic sent of dying bacteria and just the thought of it in her car.

"You know, I have some napkins, water, and band aids on the back seat behind me. Emergency stuffs. You're welcome to it."
8th-Dec-2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
The girls exclamation made Nathan startle, but he quickly gathered his wits and shrugged. "Like I said... Lost track of time, no working watch... This whole place gives me the creeps." He didn't go into detail, but slouched against the seat and half-closed his eyes.

When Morgan spoke again, he turned to check the time again, gazing at the road unfolding slowly before them. "Thanks.." Nathan finally whispered and turned slowly to reach for the said utensils. He grabbed a paper towel and a bottle of water, pulling down the visor and checking himself in the mirror. Gently wiping the dried blood away and examining the bruise beneath it, he frowned when his fingers came in contact with the wound. "Looks like I'm lucky to be alive." He snorted quietly and rolled the smeared napkin into a small ball, before stuffing it in his jeans pocket.

"But what are you doing around here, if you don't mind me asking?" Nathan settled back to his seat, taking a sip of water from the bottle and examining the girls profile while she was driving. "I haven't seen a living soul since... can't even remember." The deserted motel, empty parking lot - he didn't really want to think about it, but the memories kept coming back.
8th-Dec-2006 08:59 pm (UTC)
"I'm headed home from school." Morgan stated with a shrug as she glanced over at him before back to the road. "It's been a while I guess, since I've been home, so I thought I'd come to visit. But the weather report said nothing about this mess!" she laughed softly however, it having a magical tint to it and she obviously laughed often in life.

"So where were you going then? I mean, this road is deserted this time of year." Morgan smiled sweetly as she thought of it.
10th-Dec-2006 10:26 am (UTC)
Nathan nodded to her words, smiling at the tinkling laughter that had escaped her lips - it seemed so out of place in this world of mist and uninviting dampness.

"Me? I..." He hesitated, but continued after a small pause. "I just left home a couple of days ago. Was thinking of going somewhere east, away from it all..." So he was escaping something? Not really surprising, judging by the appearance of him. "I rented a room in this crappy motel yesterday, and bad things have been happening ever since." Sighing, he turned his head towards the road, not really wanting to go into detail, but desperately needing someone to talk to.

"This seriously weird mist just seems to be a part of it." Nathan added, and nearly jumped off his seat as a loud burst of static suddenly tore the speakers of the car.
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