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A Night Shelter in Rasvere [fantasy/adventure/mirror world/PG] 
18th-Oct-2006 01:56 pm
[disney] belle
She could hear the sound of weary bones rattling past her as an old woman pushed through the crowd, perspiration hanging onto her stiff frame. Adaen screwed up her nose involuntarily as a bitter, sickly, putrid scent invaded her senses. She did not need to turn her gaze towards the now open door of the night shelter to see that some drunken sod had vomited upon the vaguely lit cobblestones that made his path.

Common sense directed her to move as far away from the door as permissible in this thick, and somewhat rowdy crowd.

Her eyes sought a familiar face almost instinctively, but she did not see one. ‘Fool,’ she chided herself. ‘How can you see anyone beyond this front line of drunkards and haggard travellers?’

She was dressed well enough. Her leaf green dress was, yes, plainer than most. But, simplicity has certain advantages. Not that any vulgar plebeian would understand. She shrugged these thoughts out of her head and stepped firmly into the sea of unfamiliar bodies, loud voices – and music. How strange to hear such a beloved phenomenon in such a thick hall. Adaen did not risk to ponder it, afraid of being crushed if she stood still and let her mind evade her present reality.

In the thicket of loud voices, excited faces and many threads of conversation, Adaen – what with her slight figure, pale skin and dark brown hair – was unnoticeable. All attention was divided between each of the many forms of entertainment in the night shelter. She hoped in the deepest pf her heart that the hostess had not contrived to make use of a Song Maker tonight in order to add to her repute and lessen the likelihood of a brawl. It would be harder to remain unnoticeable, even in a large crowd, if all where in the rapture of the music of a talented Song Maker.

When she’d finally fought her way through to the bar, she sank into her seat with a sigh.
“What would you drink, Lady?” A solemn faced yet young attendant asked her.
She smiled warmly. “Cocoa. Chilled please.”
He blinked at her unusual request, but began to prepare the drink none the less.
Adaen looked on interest. She’d been accustomed to drinking the exotic drink, but had never known how to actually prepare it.

Suddenly, the world felt cold and the lights dimmer than usual as she felt a firm hand upon her shoulder.

My character: Adaen
All other characters: free to use
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19th-Oct-2006 02:51 am (UTC)
The owner of the hand that held onto Adaen’s shoulder took a seat immediately to her left. It was a firm and slightly relaxed grip that seemed to keep a note of her movements as opposed to hold her rigidly in place. Of course, she could be wrong.

She held her breath as he politely demanded water. His right hand still on her shoulder, he placed his other hand onto the bar in front of them. A soft thump indicated that he was strong.

Adaen decided to wait until her chill arrived before she spoke and found to her relief that the hooded man beside her was not disinclined to waiting. Indeed, his water had arrived almost immediately, and he busied himself with slaking what must have been a terrible thirst.

The chill arrived finally, and Adaen took pleasure in her first sip. The attendant, who looked pleasant despite his confusion and wariness of these two customers, informed them warmly that if they wished, a special of steak and a serve of pumpkin soup was available for half the usual price.

Adaen shook her head, her stomach too busy being bothered by the appearance of her hooded neighbour to be concerned with dinner.

She turned at long last to the hooded stranger and spoke loud enough that only he would hear her, “Who are you that you have pursued me?” She would have liked to add, ‘thus far’, but thought it unwise.

She averted her gaze, and allowed it to fall instead up the hand that rested on the bar top. The ring upon his finger triggered a sense of familiarity in her mind, but what it meant, she could not recall.
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20th-Oct-2006 03:21 am (UTC) - [PG]
She stared at him, and said bitterly, “And what would your master want with the daughter of a nobleman?”

Adaen wasn’t sure if she would go. Her job was to make it appear as though she had something to hide clumsily, not delve into matters that may have been beyond her ability.

Her hair was thick, and slightly curly, the ends spilling over her shoulder as she turned her head away from the man entirely.

“Would you at least have the courtesy of revealing your name?” She asked, having turned her head back towards him. She did not look at his face. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to.
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23rd-Oct-2006 03:10 am (UTC) - [PG]
It seemed as though she had no choice but to follow suit. Sighing internally, Adaen fought off any impression she might have been giving of cowardice.

She was not a coward. Just cautious.

"Adaen," she offered with an air of indifference as she set down the remnants of her chill and brushed past Keiran, making her way out of the night shelter and into the cool Rasverean air.

"Where to?" She asked, as she felt his presence behind her.
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7th-Nov-2006 01:26 am (UTC) - Re: [PG]
Adaen watched the horse for a moment, taking in the beauty of it's species. This one looked well-travelled, if she could make such a judgement. Finally, she turned her cool gaze onto Kieran.

"No, I do not have a mount," she responded coldly. She didn't particularly know why she was acting in such a manner - but she supposed it helped to be angry with the man who was taking her to some, most-likely, God-forsaken place to meet some unknown being of whom she was not aware whether she was meant to meet.

She couldn't see that it would hurt Kieran, at any rate.

Her face was illuminated in the candlelight which lit the stable. "But, I can steal one," she added wryly.
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8th-Nov-2006 01:18 am (UTC) - Re: [PG]
Adaen, noting the amusement in Kieran's voice, allowed herself to smile. "Keep the money. You don't know when you might need it for something more vital than purchasing what might be superfluous transport - in the end."

She slipped on her cloak and drew the hood over her head so that even in the light filled stable you could only just see some of her pretty face.

"No," she remarked after a pause. "I know of a man who owes me more than a horse."

She turned to Kieran, tilting her head to one side. "Are you coming? It will take ten niutes at the very most. Bring your mount with you - we can leave directly from there."
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