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A co-writing community
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Soi Fon!Sad Blood Splatter
The world was not all cleansed as one might think, days passing and the wind traveling so far. Over fields and forests it blew, carrying away impurities in the air, taking it away until it found something to settle against. Dust drifted along and feathers came in and out, the wind like currents in an ocean, it finally died when it reached a large mountain range far North of Griila. Almost completely across the border of the country, Jovén groaned from a tree where he had materialized. His body hung over a branch, glossy black hair in his face and matching wings displaced. The left was stretched out almost straight, the right disfigured and bent. He was in a lot of pain, but considering he was alive; pain was all he would feel for a good time.

Slowly he climbed down out of the tree and sat on a large rock, fingers slowly kneading the bones of the wing back into it’s correct place. Finally, it snapped. With a crack or two it fell into place and Jovén let out a moan and leaned forward feeling dizzy. Something was definitely wrong, he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t have been alive.

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illy runs


Nathan woke up screaming, his dark hair plastered to his sweaty forehead in glistening tendrils. He covered his mouth instinctively as his eyes darted around the dim, unfamiliar surroundings. Despite his terror, everything seemed to be as it had been when he had fallen asleep on the rickety bed, covered only by a set of damp, grayish sheets.

 A very shaky hand found the lamp's switch, and bleak yellow light appeared, soothing Nathan’s weary mind. His nightmare was already fading to the background and the muffled sounds of the passing traffic comforted him. There had been blood, so much blood... It was the only thing he remembered. Nathan shook his head and glanced at the clock radio, its red numbers announcing that it was seven past six in the morning. He might as well get up and move on.


Nathan is mine, no other restrictions...

Give it a go, why don't ya? ^_^
For the sake of Halloween!

22nd-Oct-2006 06:36 pm - "Survey"
Hi everyone,

After the last post here, minimorr and I were wondering how to handle stuff like that. Since we don't want to be "dictator-mods", we thought we ask how you are thinking about it.

Originally baileys_project was meant to be the community just for the co-writing threads. That's why we also made no_baileys for all the other stuff, like for example, the post in question. For us, personally, it is easier like that since we don't have to look for the co-writing threads.

But since this is a community we would like to hear your opinion concerning this.
Would you rather have only those threads which we're actively co-writing in here;
or don't you mind having random posts in-between as well?

We are always open for any sort of input and ideas. :)
21st-Oct-2006 10:22 pm - With My Name In the Stars
Sometimes I do this with photoshop cuz I have no photoshop skills but I feel like it makes my writing look prettier. Anyways, any critique would be greatly appreciated.

21st-Oct-2006 04:00 pm - Fantasy/PG
The thunder of the drums and the cracking wood in the fire filled Maeve’s ears. The soft dirt beneath her feet rose in a mist around her ankles as she danced. Her anklets and bracelets chimed gaily with each move and turn. Someone in the crowd gathering around her pulled out a flute to play in time with the drums. She harmonized her movements with the music and the flames, a macabre ballet of tragedy that fuels the blood.

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21st-Oct-2006 08:09 am - Dogs [Love/E]
A puddle lay between a divide in a small empty street. Hardly any cars passed by the street, especially so late at night. The street was Vermilion Avenue, and with hardly any cars, a pedestrian was a very unusual thing. Raindrops fell and splashed on the puddle, and nobody would ever stop and realize what a beautiful sight a pothole could produce – not even Aufte, who at the time of the rain was walking home drenched in it. When he arrived at the puddle, he didn’t notice it, his foot walked over the raindrops hitting the puddle without noticing or caring for it.
Aufte was a simple man of nineteen. He had long black hair, which, at the time was dropping raindrops of its own on the ground. The drops from his hair would help the rain crack the pavement creating more space for puddles… he had no idea what he was contributing to the world. His dark eyes couldn’t be seen in the dead of night, unless Raven was braving the cold, watching him through the darkness and rain. It was impossible to say what color Raven's eyes were though, they changed like the weather, which coincidentally enough was what Aufte was thinking at that same moment.
Good weather for an airstrike, he thought. The rain seemed to be pouring harder and harder with every step forward he took. Why not? He asked himself. I deserve this anyway.
Aufte was the kind of person who could have every problem in the world, and hide it so well that nobody would ever suspect a thing. That was what he had been doing that for a long while. He had problems at his high school, he had problems at home, at work, he couldn’t even get his video games right. He was fond of writing but for the last couple of weeks, nothing came to his mind when he sat down with a pen and pad. About the only thing that didn’t make him miserable was Raven. Raven and his music, the only things that seemed to understand.
With all of the factors considered, Aufte’s disposition isn’t so difficult to comprehend. “Just another kid who thinks he knows what a problem is,” is what most adults would think of him. His father sure did. But it wasn’t a matter of opinion, rather a misunderstanding; Iosef simply couldn’t grasp Aufte’s life. He couldn’t understand. Their conversations turned into arguments, then the arguments turned into fights, then the fights turned into threats, but it never went further than that, nobody really knows why.
It was guessed by Aufte’s sister, Farah, that deep down, neither of them wanted things to get that bad because they realized that father and son shouldn’t argue. Raven never gave much input because she couldn’t understand the situation between Aufte and Iosef, therefore couldn’t give an informed opinion. The same could be said of Catalina, Iosef’s wife, who always remained neutral. Aufte and Iosef, however, both always claimed that it was simply because neither of them cared for the effort, that the other simply wasn’t worth it.

A few days later, at night, Aufte lay in bed with Raven. She had her arms around him and was stroking her fingers through his hair, making him feel better. He didn’t know why he felt bad, he just knew that she made him feel better. Raven had been doing that for a long time. An Icelandic band played in the background, calming music.
“Baby, please cheer up,” she said to him. Aufte looked up at her and gazed into her eyes for a moment or so. You’re so fuckin’ beautiful, he thought. “I feel better; as long as you’re here I’ll stay better.” Raven held him tighter and they fell asleep in each other’s arms under a red midnight sky, which was a beautiful sight but could never compare with the scene they had created.
19th-Oct-2006 07:20 am - Mod post again...
Blood Ties
Good morning everyone! (Well, it's morning here, anyway, and a rainy one at that!)

Just wanted you to know that after a discussion in no_baileys (the side-community to the baileys_project), we've changed the rules a bit concerning rating and genres.

The following has been added:
- Please put the rating and the wish for a genre in the subject-line: [Fantasy/Adventure/PG] (thanks to crowmoor for this suggestion).
- Plotlines can take several different directions. Some might be PG, some might be R or NC-17, and to avoid confusion, please bold the first sentence in your comment if the rating changes from the original post (or the previous comment).
- We can't control who reads this and we don't want to turn anyone away, so it's your own responsibility what you're reading. But, we don't recommend people under 17 (or the age of consent in your respective country) to read those posts marked with NC-17. If you do, you're mature enough and aware of this rule.

If anyone has something to add, please do so here or in no_baileys. We want everyone to feel welcome here and get this community on the feet as fast as possible, and you're doing a great job so far with posting as much as you do. :)

Thank you for reading this. :)


EDIT: Please add the rating/genre to your original post as well. (Thanks to niyki for the idea.)

EDIT 2 (because I'm forgetful): Other genres that are somehow connected to Fantasy (Horror/Urban Fantasy/even Sci-Fi) are also welcome, if that wasn't clear with this post.
[disney] belle
She could hear the sound of weary bones rattling past her as an old woman pushed through the crowd, perspiration hanging onto her stiff frame. Adaen screwed up her nose involuntarily as a bitter, sickly, putrid scent invaded her senses. She did not need to turn her gaze towards the now open door of the night shelter to see that some drunken sod had vomited upon the vaguely lit cobblestones that made his path.

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17th-Oct-2010 11:03 pm(no subject)
Information Post:

We just wanted to mention (since it might not have been that clear in the community info) that the original thought of the community was the following:
When adding to a storyline, use your own characters, don't continue with the ones someone else already started with.
Except the original poster doesn't mind their characters being taken over. So, in case you want someone else to continue with what you've begun with, please write character free for use in bold after your post/comment. If there are more than one characters, please also tell which ones can be used by others and which ones not.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion. :)

(For all other questions, inquiries, introductions (not mandatory) or anything else, there is always no_baileys.)
15th-Oct-2006 09:01 pm(no subject)
A tavern was never a good place to drink your ale in peace, at least not in this part of Kartha. He should have chosen the cosy-looking inn that he had passed by earlier instead. The drink might have been more expensive there but he wouldn't have had to deal with this sort of troubles at least.
His thoughts were roughly interrupted by a fist flying into the direction of his nose and he could barely dodge it. Beside him he heard an amused giggle. Damn it, why did that kind of woman always seek him out? Did he really look like he had to pay for certain favours? But thoughts off the wench and on the "gentleman" opposite of him or the next blow would hit for sure. Seemed like the bloke didn't take the prospect of his nightly amusement getting interested in another potential customer easy.


Anybody who wants to take over?

Characters free for use. (All of them)

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